A season of transition from preparation to mission !




June 25-29

8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

In the our Family Center

All children are invited from age 2 1/2 and pottie trained Preschoolers to 6th grade. Middle schools are invited to come and attend class if they like.  There is no cost, all materials are free. A delicious snack will be provided.  Register at the door June 25th, come early.

We still need VBS volunteers See Darlene Anderson to volunteer or find our how you can support this exciting week.


4th of July Celebration 4 PM—6 PM

Open to all members of the community
Come join us in celebration!!
Let’s visit and grow as a community
Free Food Provided

For more information visit the


or call

(951) 658-4448




Middle and High school students interested in going to summer camp may receive camp grants. The Youth Directors and Scholarship Committee will coordinate registration and payment. See Ron & Judy Stoh or Sharon Sanny for more information ASAP. The camp spaces are limited and fill quickly.



Today we make the transition from seasons of preparation for discipleship and mission (Lent and Easter) to an extended season of  living out our discipleship on God’s mission in Christ’s name and the Spirit’s power.

“Deuteronomy 16:9-10

“You shall count seven weeks for yourself; you shall begin to count seven weeks from the time you begin to put the sickle to the standing grain. “Then you shall celebrate the Feast of Weeks to the LORD your God with a tribute of a freewill offering of your hand, which you shall give just as the LORD your God blesses you;




A Baby Shower

July 1,2018

Right after the third service in the Window Room

Debbie is registered at

Walmart and Target

It’s a girl

For more information

Contact Judy Stoh at 951-927-4176