Pull Tags and Greeting Cards Projects

Keep saving those pull tabs!  Feel good about the difference you have made for the family of a critically ill child! It’s easy and a simple way to support families. 

Save pull-tabs from all kinds of cans:  soda, juice, soup, beans, fruit….there are so many different ways to collect pull-tabs. 

Deposit tabs in the collection box in the narthex.  

Along with pull tabs we are also collecting the fronts of used and new greeting cards.   St. Jude’s Ranch is now accepting NEW greeting cards (with our without envelopes).  Perhaps you picked up an extra card and it’s been sitting the the drawer collecting dust. Now you know what to do with it!

St. Jude’s Ranch does not accept Hallmark, American Greetings or Disney cards. 

 In an effort to provide teens with work & life skills, St. Jude’s Ranch continues their Recycled Card Program, helping children & youth break the cycle of abuse, abandonment, & neglect