Welcome to our site! We are a group of warm and caring members who welcome all with open hearts and open minds.  Since community outreach is a major focus in our church, our Mission and Outreach Committee meets via zoom, please look at our weekly updates for days and time.  This team reaches out to our local community as well as across the border into Mexico. We also have a monthly food drive on the first Tuesday of each month between 9:00-11:00 a.m. in addition a Baby Product Drive as well; the donated foods help to serve our local Community Pantry and the baby product support a special program for teen mothers.  Another example of our outreach includes a Blood Drive every other month in our church Family Life Center.  Along with donating blood, this provides us the opportunity to meet and invite newcomers to church, newcomers with whom we share a free breakfast or lunch( the free breakfast or lunch have been put on hold due to the COVID 19, they will resume in the future). Also, because children are a very important part of our church, our outreach includes Sunday school and youth group opportunities every Sunday morning.  In addition, Vacation Bible School is available every year.  As a church, we are always looking for and praying for God’s guidance in providing the best assistance and outreach to our community with love (these programs have been put on hold due to the COVID 19, they will resume in the future).